Glauco Solieri

Glauco Junior Solieri was born in 1992, Bologna (Italy). He grew up in a family where sport, art and passion are the main instincts and inspirations for their aspirations.
While competing many years with racing cars (his biggest passion) unconsciously he became a fan for movies and anime. Still unconsciously he kept watching more and more until he started to analyze any film or video by their recording techniques. At the age of 14 his father came home with a JVC camera which included a video editing software in the package. From then on, his first instict had been to record and edit his own and his father s car races, getting better video by video, year by year.
At the age of 21 he lands in Australia where he learns basics of professional video editing by becoming a motorsport Youtuber based in Melbourne. Meanwhile he kept racing trying to make a job with it. Eventually he found out that the world of image and media in general was definetly growing very fast and needed by almost everyone. In 2021 (during full covid-19 emergency) he founded Supernova Filmhouse, his media creation for anyone would need a video.